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Saturday 16 May 2020

What sad times....

Who would have thought I would ever publish a photo of myself auditioning as Hannibal Lecter's sister? But here it is. Here in the UK we have recently been advised to wear face coverings on public transport and in shops. We have specifically been told not to wear medical masks as there is a shortage in hospitals and care homes and it wouldn't be appropriate for the general public to compete for supplies.

Bearing in mind that even medical masks are not 100% effective at blocking bacteria, I am on the side of those that think face coverings are not only pretty useless, but also worse than useless if used incorrectly. I think though, if used correctly, they might be slightly better than nothing. Who really knows?

I made a couple of shopping trips this week wearing a very cheap imitation of a medical mask. It was gappy, sweaty and constantly riding up to poke out my eyes. That was the opposite of what I was expecting. I thought it would fall down, but no. So I spent hours trawling the internet for patterns. There are zillions out there that have been amended from a couple of basic designs. Then I found this more fitted pattern that comes in a range of sizes. I tested it out using a tatty old t-shirt. It took me a while. Some people claim to sew it in fifteen minutes. It took me a lot longer, but was worth it. The washed-out t-shirt actually made a very soft, comfortable mask.

Someone I know wanted to see a photo. I didn't have any suitable elastic. So I dug out some tiny ribbons that I always cut out of clothes. By sheer luck, they make ideal ear loops and are actually probably better than elastic. They keep the mask in place. It doesn't slip down the nose and doesn't need a metal nose piece.

Here is a link to the pattern by Dhurata Davies It is an extremely well-written pattern for personal use, not for resale.

I hope everyone is well in these strange times. One day, I want to look back and laugh at myself wearing a mask.