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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The One Lovely Blog Award...

I was recently chuffed to be recommended for the One Lovely Blog Award by Corrie of the Plutonium Muffins blog.  Like me, Corrie is a London based blogger who writes regularly about knitting while trying to keep fit and sane in this often overwhelming city.

Recipients of the One Lovely Blog Award have to list 7 facts about themselves; so, in no particular order, here goes:

  1. I learned to knit when I was 7 and learned to crochet 50 years later.  I have discovered that being a good knitter is NOT an advantage when learning to crochet.  Crochet is a whole new set of skills and mind processes.  It took me ages to get used to the fact that you can remove the crochet hook and not lose all your stitches.
  2. I was one of the lucky people who were allowed into the moat of the Tower of London to pick the poppies from the 2014 display that commemorated the 1914-18 World War.  It was cold, wet and muddy; but the sense of being surrounded by centuries of history made it all worthwhile.  
  3. I used to be addicted to chocolate until I read "Chocolate Busters" by Jason Vale.  This is a life-changing book because I have joined the many readers who are happy to never eat the stuff again.  I read the book more out of curiosity than expectation and was amazed when the penny finally dropped.
  4. I have visited Land's End in Cornwall and John O'Groats in Scotland on different holidays.  They are both windswept and disappointingly commercial places where you are supposed to pay to take a photo of the signpost.  Apart from that, it felt rather special to cross both places off the bucket list.
  5. Another ambition that I achieved a few years ago was to be a Poll Clerk in a General Election.  The hours were long but the pay was extremely good!  There were actually 2 different polling districts in one large polling station and we kept up a friendly rivalry to see who would receive the highest number of voters.  At the end of 15 hours, we had both had exactly the same number!
  6. I used to love to cycle and later progressed to riding a motorbike.  I gave up when the roads became too dangerous, but would love to cycle again if there were proper segregated cycle lanes near my home.
  7. I don't believe in ghosts; but I do believe in atmosphere.  Whenever I visit somewhere like Hampton Court Palace or the Tower of London I can sense the history and almost hear the people who lived there hundreds of years ago.  The Tower of London seems to me to be a sad place of imprisonment and execution.  Hampton Court Palace, though the scene of some sad events, is more a happy place of celebration and love.
The next part of the One Lovely Blog award is to nominate 10 more bloggers.  This is where Corrie will never speak to me again!  I follow a huge number of blogs that are all special in their own ways.  I noticed that some blogs that I would have chosen have already been nominated by other bloggers.  I also realise that some bloggers don't have time to take part in this type of award.  So I am going to take the easy option and just say that if you have read this far, consider yourself nominated!


  1. I just checked up on chocolate busters. How interesting. I haven't enjoyed chocolate in ages, probably forty years or so. The sweetness of it put me off. I gave up milk early on; I didn't like the taste.
    In the intervening years I have come to appreciate neither is a good thing.

  2. Very interesting post today Una, I loved reading more about you.

  3. I don't hate you!! Don't be silly! So interesting - the point on atmosphere is particularly poignant, I totally agree with you. Thanks for doing this :)

  4. I don't want to know about the chocolate ... too many other foods have been "busted" for me and I'm going to keep my head in the sand on this one! :)

    How fun to hear more about you, Una. Re cycling in London: I don't know how people can. It seems crazy to me, but there are always plenty of them out there. Intrepid souls!

    When we visited London, I thought the Abbey had an amazing atmosphere, just steeped in history and pageantry.

  5. Lovely to learn a little bit more about you Una :-)

  6. Congratulations on your award Una, I enjoyed reading your seven things, I am with you with the atmosphere thing I feel it too, I have also seen a ghost so I have to believe in them only once when I was doing my nursing training, I have hear voices too, perhaps they should lock me up haha, have a great weekend. xx

  7. Congrats on your award. I've seen several folks do as you do when asked to spread the award. I think sometimes these meme's go round and round and people just throw up their hands. I'm out visiting today as part of the a-z challenge, and while you're not part of it, saw you listed somewhere...have forgotten where as I hit one then another etc. But, anything with yarn, knitting or crocheting always gets my attention and so I am here. What is SIBOL? Always happy to meet more bloggers, especially crafters.

    Sandy at Bridge and Beyond

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment. SIBOL stands for Sunshine International Blankets of Love. It is run by a lady in the UK who distributes the blankets and shawls to residents in care homes. Here is a link to the SIBOL blog

  8. Awww -- that's sweet! :) I really enjoyed reading these facts about you. #1 was funny, with the crochet hook. I think both knit and crochet have advantages and hard parts. I enjoyed touring the Tower of London when I was there with a student group in 2010, but oh my!!! My feet were hurting SO badly that day. It was January, and all those stone pavers were cold and hard. Glad you got to pick the poppies. I loved the photos I saw of that. London is a beautiful, interesting city, and although I don't usually like cities, I sure liked that one!

  9. Congratulations on your award - you deserve it! I have enjoyed catching up with your blog ........... x


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