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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Slightly off beam

This is nothing to do with knitting or crochet.  But it is definitely everything to do with imagination.  My daughter made a short film as a college project and I promised to advertise it to increase the view count.

It is called Unknown Soldier.

I know absolutely nothing about making a film. But I think Daughter had to draw every scene and then animate it.  It must have been a lot of work.  She is in the middle of a film editing course at university and eventually plans to do a Masters Degree in CGI Animation.  She was always artistic at school and probably gets that from me.  But the technical side of film-making comes entirely from her own mind!

We are quite proud of her.  The tissues even had to come out at the end as one of the people she thanks is my Dad who was in the thick of it in WWII.


lyndagrace said...

wow! That was really good, Una! She’s very talented. I know you are proud.

linda said...

Aw that was lovely Una is was very well done. :) xx

Barbara Roche said...

I thought the films was well drawn and thought-provoking. Your talented daughter clearly has a great future ahead of her.

crazydazy said...

Yo daughter is very talented and creative

Mereknits said...

Una, your daughter is brilliant, it is a fantastic short film.

Amy at love made my home said...

Your daughter is obviously very talented, I hope that she goes on to do great things in her career! xx

Liz J said...

Una, your daughter is very talented and this film is incredibly moving. I hope she gets top marks in her project, she has clearly worked very hard! xx