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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A Wednesday work in progress....and a quick poll

This baby blanket is likely to be "in progress" for several Wednesdays!  I have 300g of this lovely bright yarn called Robin Paintbox and I am going to keep knitting until it is all used up.  This is a simple diagonal garter stitch pattern from What A Woolly Life. Here it is.

I like this pattern because the edging is knitted on once the blanket has been finished.  That means there is no sewing up to do.  My big decision will be which colour to use for the edging.  I have enough of all the colours in the blanket:
  • pink
  • primrose yellow
  • lilac
  • soft green
  • and white
The blanket will go my niece who has just announced that she is expecting a girl in March.  I'd love to hear which colour you would pick for the edging.  Please see the poll to the right of this post and cast your vote.  The poll will be open until December 1st, by which time I might be ready to start the edging!


  1. Beautiful colours in the blanket....I love that Robin paintbox yarn it has some lovely colour combinations.

  2. It's very pretty Una, I have the same dilemma trying to decide what colour border to use for my daughter in law's blanket which I've made her for Christmas. All of those colours would go nicely but I think I would choose the green or the pink. :) x

  3. I'm a sucker for green on baby items:)

  4. I'd chosse primrose yellow because it's cheerful, or else the green because the baby will be born in springtime.
    I'm looking forward to see it finished :-) Beautiful yarn and beautifully knitted!

  5. Lovely colors Una, hope you are going to have a lovely weekend!

  6. I've voted Una, but I really don't think you could go wrong with any of those colours.

  7. The blanket is going to be gorgeous.

  8. I have a blanket started with that same pattern. It makes for a nice blanket.
    xx Beca


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