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Thursday, 22 September 2016

NOW it's autumn.....

I am ready to face up to the fact that autumn has arrived, even though our weather here is warm and I still haven't turned on the heating.  Woo hoo!

This is a photo of a tapestry that I sewed over 40 years ago!!  I loved the tapestry when I bought the kit, loved it for the two years** it took to sew and loved it enough to have it framed when it was finished.  I knew it would take a long time to sew, so I started with the dark colours and ended with the light colours.  That hint of genius meant it stayed as clean as possible.  I'm quite impressed that I managed to think like that when I was 19.

I bought this in the 1970s when brown and orange were in fashion. Styles changed and it sadly ended up in the loft where I recently rediscovered it while on a cleaning/sorting/disposal marathon. The photo isn't brilliant as I was still in the loft and the flash came on. The tapestry, along with everything else in the loft, was covered in a layer of dust.  But I was very happy as I thought it had gone missing during a house move thirteen years ago.

Coincidentally, I spent a lot of time this year decorating my walls in neutral colours and I have just thought of the perfect place for it. Today's mission is to find a pretty chain, polish the tapestry and to hang it in full view before sunset. 

Here it is hanging on my wall.  It doesn't look straight in the photo but it really is!  I must do a photography course one day!  It was hard to hang because I wanted to line it up with a mirror and bookcase further along the wall.  It is doing a good job filling a gap that was left after culling my books and removing a bookcase.

**I noticed that I was so proud of this work of art that I signed the back of the frame in my best handwriting.  I also added the dates.  It actually took less than a year.  It just felt like two years!


  1. I have to admit it too Una, not happy but there it is Autumn is well and truly here, I can feel the change it's quite chilly in the mornings and evening although I haven't had to turn on the heating yet. That tapestry is a work of art I love it, I made quite a few in my early twenties but I haven't a clue where they went. It will look lovely hanging on your wall. :) xx

  2. I love the leaf picture, and although the colors are no longer in vogue in house decorating, the colors are true to nature. Those are the colors of fall - and fall does not care what is in vogue! Hahaha. Love it.

  3. IT looks wonderful, what a wonderful piece.

  4. Una, I love anything to do with autumn, and that piece is so beautiful! Those colors are back in style :) You did a great job for a young artist.


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