Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. I have been knitting on and off for 50 years and I recently learned to crochet. I love looking for wool bargains and making them into something useful. I mainly knit for charity. I occasionally knit for myself and family members if I find a really good pattern or if they ask nicely!!

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Three preemie hats...

Here are three more hats that I have just knitted from the Andycrafts pattern which is fast becoming my favourite preemie hat pattern. That's because it is small but perfectly formed. You can find it on page three if you go to the above link and download the patterns. There are some lovely patterns for preemie cardigans, hats, mittens and socks.

This is very easy to knit and knitters who shy away from knitting in-the-round will be pleased to hear that this one is knitted flat. Personally, I like to knit in-the-round but have to admit that it wouldn't be very easy to do with tiny hats. These will eventually go off to PreemiesUK. This month they especially need:

Knitted blankets 
Crochet blankets

This pattern called for 4 ply yarn. I'm on a mission to use up all my 4 ply. I have very little left but, because it goes so far, it looks like taking me the rest of the year. Watch this space...

PS: I have lost count of how many times the words "knit" and "patterns" are repeated in this post. I must try harder to think of alternatives!


  1. Those are so sweet, Una, and you do such a good job of finding better and better patterns for these charitable projects.
    I'm in a "prayer shawl" group; we make shawls for sick/grieving folks. One lady makes a neat item, a bunny blanket for new babies. It has the head of a little bunny on on corner of the blanket, and the rest of the little blanket (maybe 12" square?) has little "paws" on 2 corners. She used to stuff the head with cotton fill, but now she makes a little pillow for the head, sewn out of men's handkerchiefs. Then the head/pillow is inserted into a small cavity on that corner, and finished off. It's a knitted pattern, and evidently pretty quick, after you get the knack of it. She buys very soft, fluffy baby yarn for it. I may end up making one and posting the pattern at some time. Might be up your alley!

  2. Don't be concerned with "knit" and "patterns". They bounce right off knitters and pattern followers.

  3. these flat patterns drive me crazy I don't like knitting them flat for babies premature or normal size because of the bulky seam. why can't people create patterns for circular needles.?

    1. I think it is because there would be so few stitches that you would need a tiny circular needle that would be impossible to use. You could probably use double ended needles but even they would be difficult. Do you use the Ravelry site

      You can sort their free patterns by various criteria including "seamless" and "worked in the round".

  4. Sweet, our charity knit group have sent lots to our local hospital.

  5. Una, hope you are keeping well Im catching up with you after a long time away - these hats are so very sweet xx

  6. These hats are so sweet. What a great idea.

  7. What adorable little hats. I'm finally subscribing to your blog, Una - don't know why I didn't before. You make such beautiful things. And that you gift/donate so much is very inspiring.

  8. These are adorable - I can't imagine how tiny they must be! Good luck using up the stash. :)


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