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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Win a £30 wool voucher...

The charitable service, Knit-for-Nowt, announces a fun competition!  Send in an item for Knit-for-Nowt to donate to therapists working with children with serious worries.
PRIZES:  1 lucky dip winner in each category will each receive a £30 voucher for the online knitting shop “Love Knitting” – go to to browse the shop.  Winning entries will be featured in the next Newsletter, which is distributed to up to a thousand knitters.
Entries are welcome now from knitters, crocheters and stitchers.
1                    Make a Worry Monster and/or hand puppet for the Knit-for-Nowt charity. You may enter up to 4 items. Please go to for what’s needed.
2                    Label clearly each individual item with your full name, email address and County
3                    Send to Knit-for-Nowt – for posting details please email 
4                    1 lucky dip winner in each category will be picked out at random on 4th June by a senior social worker
5                    All entries will then be photographed by Knit-for-Nowt and put up on a new “Competition Gallery” on the website.
Categories for entry:
·        A child-friendly Worry Monster
·        A child-friendly Worry Puppet (see website for explanation)
·        A hand puppet in the form of a person (could be a family member or professional such as doctor, nurse, policeman, judge, social worker, teacher)
·        A hand puppet animal
Please enter up to 4 items in any of the categories, or all in the same category.
Please go to  for full details, terms and conditions, and safety rules.

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  1. That's wonderful, Una! You are truly becoming a cheerleader for them, and what a truly good and needy cause. I hope you have many responses to this outreach.


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