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Friday, 14 February 2014

My easy crochet watch strap....

Take one broken watch strap.....

Remove it....

Crochet a new strap.....

Ta dah!....

My watch battery was still working but the strap was literally hanging on by a thread.  I had visions of it dropping off in the street, so I decided to make another strap.  

This is what I did:
  • I used a 3mm crochet hook and a fine yarn.  It was either 2 or 3 ply.  Yarn such as cotton works better than stretchy yarn.
  • I measured the existing watch strap and used those measurements for my new strap.
  • I chained for the required length.
  • Then I worked a double crochet (UK) into the second chain from the hook and then into every chain.
  • When I reached the end of the chain, I chained one stitch and worked a double crochet (UK) into the first stitch of the chain.
  • I then worked double crochet (UK) stitches back up the other side of the chain.
  • I worked a slip stitch into the last chain stitch and cut the yarn leaving an end measuring about 7 inches. 
This method means that the original chain is in the centre of 2 rows of double crochet stitches.  I have tried to show that in this photo....

The double crochet stitches give a strong edge to the holey chain.  These holes will become useful when the strap is finished.
  • I sewed this length in place by threading it through the gap in the metal watch casing, folding it over and stitching it down with the yarn end.
  • I made another length using the above method.
  • I made 2 loops by chaining 10 stitches and joining with a slip stitch.
  • I slid these 2 loops onto the second length.
  • I sewed that length onto the watch.
  • I attached the buckle to the end of this length.  It was fiddly to do, but I simply copied the way it was on the existing strap.
  • I sewed the buckle end of the strap down, being careful to "trap" one of the loops.
The holes in the original chain are perfect for using with the buckle to close the strap.
I have prolonged the life of my watch and it is actually very comfortable to wear.

This method is very adaptable.  The thickness of yarn and size of hook can be changed if preferred.  If you don't have a watch buckle, you could simply use a couple of press studs to fasten it.

I am not a quick crocheter but I finished this in less that 2 hours.  An experienced crocheter could probably halve that time.  The options are endless....choose a bright colour, add decorations etc etc.


  1. Well done on being so resourceful ! It looks great :-)

  2. Great idea Una it makes a very neat strap. :)

  3. What a great idea, Una. I really like it!

  4. What a fun idea - it looks much more comfortable than a traditional watchband. :)

  5. what an awesome idea... beautiful!!

  6. What a brilliant idea and it looks really good.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Sally x

  7. Una how clever is that! You made such a neat job of it and it looks stunning. You always have lots of good ideas Una which is why I love visiting your blog. Thank you for the pattern, have a cosy weekend and stay warm and toasty. Sending you big hugs and loves

  8. Hi Una,
    You are the winner of my GYB party giveaway! Please email me your address so I can ship it out to you.

  9. This was brilliant! It will probably be much more comfortable on your wrist than your old band, too!

  10. This worked out perfectly, so neat and resourceful of you. Thank you for sharing such a great idea xx

  11. This looks great Una! I have a watch strap that keeps coming off the watch. Unfortunately, the little bar on the watch is the problem not the band :[ Wendy x

  12. What a very clever idea. Beautiful watch band. Hugs Judy

  13. Una, that is absolutely BRILLIANT. I don't have a leather strap, but my metal one keeps coming loose. This is a great idea -- and the chain in the middle is genius! Thanks!


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