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Monday, 14 July 2014

Easy one-row scarf...

I read a while ago that Operation Orphan needs more children's scarves.  As mindless scarf knitting appeals to me at the moment I was happy to find
a pattern that is simply a repeat of the same row throughout.  I was even happier that this pattern is by Yarn Harlot who I see mentioned a lot in Blogland.  Here is the scarf pattern.  It makes a lovely warm scarf that doesn't curl at the edges.

To make this scarf, I knitted with 5 ply yarn and 4 ply yarn held together.  I have had the 4 ply yarn for quite a while.  The 5 ply yarn was sent to me by Joanne of the Cup On The Bus blog.  It is called Borgs S. N. 2 Garn and is a pure wool yarn from Sweden.  It is a lovely quality and a pleasure to knit with.  At first it threw me because I am not used to knitting with 5 ply yarn and I don't have the right size needles.  Then I had a lightbulb moment and decided to knit it together with other yarns.   

As this scarf is for a small child, I cast on 22 stitches which produced a scarf measuring 5" wide.  I knitted for 48" as the rule of thumb is that a scarf should be the same length as the height of the child.  I am amazed at how little yarn this scarf used.  I have lots left to make a matching hat and possibly a cardigan or jumper when I have more free time.


  1. That is a great pattern. I’ve made a couple of them. I love the color combination you chose for yours.

  2. It's a lovely scarf Una and I love the texture of the pattern, I have pinned it will definitely try it one day. :)

  3. I agree Una ... It looks so lovely x

  4. Lovely pattern and great that you have enough left over for matching accessories!

  5. Hi Una,

    This is a pretty scarf. I wonder how you knit so fast.... I started out knitting a scarf a week ago but I don't seem to be able to get the desire length and it feels like I've been knitting for forever... :)

    have a lovely week...

    1. I'm lucky because I no longer work full-time. I try to knit a few inches every day. Suddenly it all comes together and the end is in sight. That spurs me on to knit even faster!

  6. The combined yarns give it such a nice heathery look. Some lucky child will have a warm neck this winter!


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