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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Preemie hats and an old memory........

Free time is at a premium at the moment and I felt the need to make things that I could finish quickly.  I have also been in denial for too long that I have a large bag of 4 ply yarn.  Most of it has wended its way to me hidden among bargain lots of other more user-friendly yarn.  I have decided to make serious efforts to use it up.  So I sorted out the pastels and knitted some preemie baby hats.  

I always remember an elderly lady who stopped me in the street when I was pushing my daughter in her pram.  She told me her granddaughter had no clothes small enough to fit her premature baby and she wondered if I knew where to buy them.  We were outside a major babywear shop at the time and even their smallest baby clothes were too big.  This elderly lady was quite upset and was prepared to trudge the streets until she had found some tiny baby clothes.  This was in the days before Internet shopping and she had no other realistic option.  I hope she was successful.  

Sadly, I wasn't much help on that occasion; but the memory has stayed etched in my mind.  One ball of yarn and a few hours work can produce preemie hats and clothes more valuable than the sum of the effort and materials that went into them.

In no particular order, here are the patterns I used:
Tiny Knitted Preemie Hat by Bee Rowert
Three Hats from Cuddles

PS: the bobble hat and scarf that I gave my daughter for Christmas were a great success.  She wore them all day indoors!!


  1. Yo are so lovely to make these hats Una.
    Hugs to you,

  2. It's hard to imagine how small these babies can be.

  3. What a very touching post ... thank you for making those precious hats and bonnets. I hope your Christmas was a merry one! :)

  4. Beautiful little premmie hats, Una. It's lovely to know the story behind why you like to make items for these tiny babies. How lovely that your daughter wore her new hat and scarf set inside all day!

  5. They are gorgeous and will be much appreciated - just like the hat and scarf! Happy New year.

  6. That's so true, and people who haven't had preemies often don't think of the difficulty. Those tiny clothes are so appreciated!

  7. I'm glad your daughter loved her hat and scarf Una I knew that she would. The preemie hats are lovely and will be very much appreciated, I love making preemie hats too so quick and satisfying and much better made in 4ply, thank you for the pattern links. :) xx


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