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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Drumroll for Jaqueline....UPDATE

Jaqueline of the Opening The Front Door blog correctly guessed that I am working on a shawl.  Here is another photo.  The first person to guess the actual pattern that I am following wins £50 for a charity of their choice.

The closing date for entries is February 6th, 2015 or earlier if someone gives the correct answer.  I will publish a link to this pattern when the challenge closes.  
HINT: it is a lovely pattern!!

Thanks to everyone who has submitted guesses so far.  There is no limit to guesses per person.

***UPDATE: Snazzyb from Ravelry has guessed that this is the Easy-Peazy Shawl pattern.  £50 will be going off to a charity of her choice soon.  Well done to Snazzyb.

Snazzyb chose the Cancer Research charity and they have just received a donation of £50 which increased to £62.50 as I ticked the Giftaid box.  I am delighted that Snazzyb chose that charity.***


  1. Well done Jaqueline for guessing so early, I havent a clue which pattern I'm afraid :)

  2. Gosh, that was a great guess wasn't it! I look forward to hearing more! xx

  3. It is going to be so beautiful.

  4. That's a neat, complicated-looking pattern. I'd love to see the finished shawl!


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