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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Another Insect Worry Monster...

After I wrote my pattern for an insect worry monster, I knitted one to make sure there were no mistakes. This one is 12 inches tall and has already gone off to Knit-for-Nowt from where it will join others that are used by therapists working with traumatised children. The monsters have to look scary. I am assured that these work well and the children love them. It takes all sorts!

I tried out a couple of new-to-me techniques. The wavy arms are knitted i-cord. You can also crochet i-cord. There are lots of videos about it on the Internet. It is a very versatile way to produce a tube because the size can be adjusted by changing the size of the needle and number of stitches.

The worry pocket is my first ever crocheted circle. I have tried before and given up. This time, I had a good incentive. It had to work and it eventually did after 4 attempts. I chose black and yellow as I think these are warning colours in nature. Just think of bees!

In case it was still looking too cute, I added a row of fangs by using Swiss darning. It is a very fine line between something that is cute enough for your favourite grandchild and something that is terrifying. It's now up to the therapist to chose which child can work with this without having nightmares!

There is a waiting list for these monsters. So if anyone feels like knitting, crocheting or sewing one just pop over to Knit-for-Nowt.


  1. It looks positively terrifying Una and at the same time kinda cute haha. I love the circular worry pocket. :) x

  2. I think it's a grand monster. The pocket reminds me of my first afghan.

  3. I love this one! I was going to say how cute it is, but I guess that's not what you're going for? I suspect it will be perfect for its intended purpose. :)

  4. That is just fascinating! I think this is your best one yet. The arms are great - I've done crocheted i-cord, but it is such a pain in the neck! Perhaps knitted would be easier. The pocket is cute too. I do wonder why, psychologically, the monsters have to be scary, what benefit that is to the child. Interesting.

    1. The knitted i-cord was very repetitive. But I was is just the right mood to do it. I think crochet might have been faster.


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