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Sunday, 29 April 2018

Two more Worry Monsters...

Here are my latest two Worry Monsters that I have knitted for Knit-for-Nowt. I found myself buying some bright colours for these two. My wool collection is heavy on pastels that don't really look right for these monsters. I also needed the bright colours to cheer me up after months of really dull, wet, cold weather.

When I start knitting I have only a vague idea of what the end result will be. It's interesting to see how the faces come alive and, as usual, it's a fine line to tread between worried and totally traumatising.

I was going to make some i-cord for the insect's wings but was very happy to wimp out when I remembered my large collection of old shoe laces. Many of them are round and stiff enough to use as wings. I have absolutely no memory of where these yellow laces came from. I'm just glad they did!

The little pockets on the front are an easy way to try out new techniques. The insect has a mock dog-tooth pattern pocket. It was very easy to knit and I will definitely use it as a detail in other patterns, hats, scarves, blankets etc. It wasn't so forgiving to sew on. It really shows up how skew whiff my sewing was. It reminds me of a stair carpet I once saw in a hotel. It was a tartan pattern and must have seemed like a good idea in the shop. However, the crooked stairs in the hotel, which was about 400 years old, made the tartan look wavy. Climbing a few flights of these stairs resulted in a dizziness which is the last thing you want when every step is a different height and angle!


  1. Well you made me laugh right out loud with the description of the tartan pattern on the crooked stairs. Too funny.

    As usual, charming and interesting Worry Monsters.

  2. The shoelaces are inspired - they make wonderful wings. Such cute worry monsters.
    That carpet story is hilarious. :)

  3. I think you are doing great with this project. The saturated colors add a good dimension.

  4. I've loved all of your worry monsters, Una, and these are no exception. I love the bright colors. And how funny about the hotel carpet!


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