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Friday, 24 January 2014

Works in progress.....

I'm currently working on sewing squares into a blanket for SIBOL which is an organisation that distributes blankets and shawls to care homes for the elderly in the UK.  An avalanche of squares hit the SIBOL HQ in December and some of us offered to sew them together.  (Please note that SIBOL now welcomes completed blankets and shawls but cannot accept any more squares due to the extortionate postal rates in the UK.)

My little parcel of squares arrived at the beginning of January.  Here they are:

As you can see, they are a mixture of knitted and crochet squares in a variety of colours.  They range from 4.5" to 7" square....quite a challenge!  I decided my first task was to make these squares the same size.  So I found the largest square and edged it with a row of double crochet (UK) in a soft pastel green.  I had a huge ball of this green in my wool bag.  It goes with most of the colours in the squares very well and there will be enough to make an edging after the whole thing is finished.

The first square I edged is at the bottom of the pile in the photo.  The edging will make it easier to join to other squares.  All the squares have to end up the same size as this one.  Yesterday I sat down and completed nearly half the squares.  I just added 2 or 3 rows of double crochet until the squares were big enough.  I have a few of the knitted squares to finish.  Then I have 7 crochet squares to make bigger.  I have already practised adding more rows of granny shells (is that what they are called?) and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was.  I might even use this as an edging for the whole blanket.

My navy blue Jana vest is almost finished.  I'm really pleased with how it has turned out.  I just have to sew the side seams and then it will be starring in a future blog posting.  I'm also taking part in the Knit a Block a Week Challenge which is hosted on Linda's Crafty Corner blog.  I am averaging 3 blocks per week and plan to sew these into another blanket.

I normally only blog about completed projects.  But this year I am working on bigger projects that take a while to complete.  So I think this is the first of many "works in progress" posts.


  1. What a challenge Una. I have a bag to tackle too x

  2. I've just started a blanket that I'm not very happy with and now I want to start a different one that will be easy...decisions...

  3. such a wonderful cause. I was thinking I might make some squares for charity this year, but I suppose if I'm doing that, I could make a full blanket... do you have the details? It's about time Royal Mail sorted itself out, they should do free postage for charities.

    1. Hello Wendy. I send my cpmpleted blankets to SIBOLwhich is a UK organisation that distributes blankets to care homes. There is more info here
      It is a well-run organisation and very trustworthy. The blankets actually reach their intended destination. Some charities are not good at acknowleding donations and they leave you wondering whether your knitting is actually being uses. SIBOL says thank you and blogs about deliveries to homes. Well worth a look.

  4. That's a great cause! it is so nice that you volunteer to help sew all the squares together! I am knitting a square for Warm Up America foundation and going to drop it off at Michaels they are collectiing, It is great to participate in causes such as these and its nice to give back in the way of knitting .
    Take care, happy sewing!


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