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Thursday, 17 April 2014

A long yarn.....

 I don't mind paying full price for yarn, but I also love a good bargain hunt.  I find it very satisfying to make something useful from these bargains.  So the vast majority of my yarn comes from charity shops, boot fairs and generous donations. The photo shows the amazingly generous donation that "crossed the pond" after Joanne of the Cup on the Bus blog contacted me to ask whether I would be interested in adopting some yarn.  Er....let me think about that.....OF COURSE I WOULD!!

So Joanne filled 3 boxes with yarn and a couple of items that were already knitted and posted them all the way from Ohio, USA to London, UK.  Joanne posted all 3 boxes on the same day.  They arrived here on 3 different days......just one of life's little mysteries!

I had no idea what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised.  This yarn is gorgeous.  Most of it is 100% Aran weight wool which is absolutely perfect for my latest "big blanket" projects.  These, along with some hats and scarves, will eventually end up going to Operation Orphan which is an organisation that distributes clothing and blankets to children in Eastern Europe and other places around the world.  Some of the yarn has been promised to my friend who knits for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.  Both of us will be kept busy for at least a year or even longer.  Many children, dogs and cats will be kept warm by this wool.  

I asked Joanne if I could mention her in my blog posting.  She was good enough to give me more detail about the life cycle of this yarn.

So...over to Joanne.....

Here is the yarn’s trail: my daughter’s mother in law had a dear friend who moved into a retirement home taking only her prized possessions, as the move was a big downsize. Within a week of being settled Marion unexpectedly died. Ruth said she would find a good purpose for the yarn. After some time my daughter Beth told me of the yarn and wondered if I would use it. I agreed, but could not live up to the agreement. I did make winter hats for my granddaughters who live here, one from the wool and silk and one from the aran. I  returned the balls of a blue yarn to Beth’s  daughter, in a zippered bag that would keep the kitty out. One of the rose colored balls you will see has been kitty-fied. Caroline is trying to master knitting. I told Beth I would do some charity knitting with it. So, the yarn is back on the intended trail. Her mother in law, by the way, was a child in the war, set to slave labor on a German farm. It’s a very small world.
Thank you very much for taking this on.

When buying yarn in the UK, I tend to stay within my comfort zone and select from a very limited range.  The yarn Joanne sent me included names I have never heard before....Lopi Light, Canadiana Sayelle and Chelsea Silk.  I'm going to really enjoy trying these new brands.  I can already picture a pile of blankets, hats and scarves.

Thank you, Joanne.


  1. Una, that is so nice.... How sweet and generous of Joanne. Happy knitting and crocheting...

  2. That's amazing Una how very generous of Joanne all that lovely yarn!! and what a great challenge for you to use up all the different types. You do realise you have a stash now, I hope you will link the projects to the stash link party as you do them. :) xx

    1. I'm with you in spirit, but I can't weigh my projects. I suppose I knit an average of 100-200 grams of wool each week. So it will take me a good year to use this lovely collection.

  3. Lovely!

    You will have a great time knitting it and charities will benefit in the end so win, win!

  4. Lovely Una what a wonderful gift which shows the respect and admiration you have all blogland, well done! You have certainly got a huge range of yarns to choose from Una and the projects you are working on with all benefit your lovely charities. Una you are the salt of the earth and deserve your success. I am so pleased about the yarn - it must have been exciting opening up you parcel, I know that I would have been. Have a fabulous Easter Una, sending you huge hugs and loves.


  5. Una, you are more than welcome. You will see it through to the end.

  6. What a story! Further proof of our collective belief that you are the greatest charity knitter we all know. ;) It's so nice to know that the yarn, which has travelled so far, will be used for its intended purpose and I, among many, have every confidence in your good work. :) xx

  7. How kind of this lady to send you all this yarn! I know from reading your blog for awhile now that you will put it to good use. :-)

  8. Isn't this one of the most fun things about crafting? I love the connections and help and donations and enthusiasm! So happy the yarn has found a home with you and you'll do great things with it for others.

  9. What a wonderful blessing! Who would turn down yarn? Enjoy!


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