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Friday, 16 January 2015

A Cuddles crochet blanket....

I am still on a mission to use up my 4 ply yarn after deciding it is perfect for preemie baby items.  This week I sorted out the white yarn.  I have a few small oddments that will probably become hats.  I also have 3 or 4 larger balls that will have to be used for different projects as they are either different shades of white or different textures.  

I found the pattern for this preemie blanket on the Cuddles website here.  It is the pattern imaginatively called "Crocheted baby blanket".  It is very easy as every row is the type of pattern!! It was quick to make as it required very little concentration and could be done with various family distractions going on around me.  

The great thing about tiny blankets is that they give you a chance to try a new stitch before committing to a huge project.  This pattern could be easily adapted for a larger baby blanket.  It is also a great stitch for lap blankets and scarves in any ply with the appropriate size hook.

Note to self:
I used 4 ply yarn and a 3.5mm hook.  73 chains gave me a finished width of 18".  I had approximately 85g of yarn and kept going until it was used up.  That gave me a length of 16".


linda said...

Thats a nice easy pattern Una and it's great to see how it works up, I'm sometimes put off a pattern when theres no picture but I love the texture of this, this is going on my to do list for sure. :)

Mereknits said...

Beautiful blanket Una, I had to laugh about trying out a stitch before a huge project, a blanket is a huge project!

Una said...

I think it was the fact that every row was the same made me take a chance with this pattern. It paid off and doesn't look like every row is the same either.

Una said...

This was quite a small blanket. I have crocheted much bigger ones before now and might make a bigger version of this because it was so easy.

Lucy Bowen said...

Lovely blanket - it may be easy but it gives a lovely effect. I agree preemie projects are a great way of trialling patterns and you get a very appreciated project at the end.

Amy at love made my home said...

It is lovely to try new things isn't it, and as you say, repeating is a great way to practice it and keep things simple. The finished blanket is lovely and will be very cosy and useful too! xx

M.K. said...

That does look easy (at the site), but gives a nice pattern. Thanks for giving those details at the end -- helpful! I may keep this pattern tucked away for future reference.