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Thursday, 1 January 2015

A tiny baby sleeping sack....and a mystery project

I am used to knitting preemie items, but the size of this sleeping sack surprised me. The pattern gave no indication of the size, so I was quite surprised when the finished item weighed only 20g and barely made a dent in my ball of 4 ply yarn.  

Some knitters find it upsetting to make these small items, but I find it strangely uplifting.  I suppose I am happy to be making something useful that is hard to find in the shops.

I found the pattern here.  It is the "sleeping sack" pattern at the very end of the list.  It was fairly easy to knit and involved minimal sewing.  It also let me use up some of the many buttons that I have saved over the years.  I will definitely knit more of these.

I find it amazing that I could, in theory, knit 5 of these from one ball of yarn. I probably paid about £1 for this yarn.  So one sleeping sack costs 20p to make.  What else can you buy for 20p these days?

......and now here is a sneak preview of something that I will be working on for several weeks/months.  I am combining these 2 coned yarns to make a mystery project and I'm already loving how it is turning out.  The pink really is that bright and I'm relying on it to cheer me up during the grey winter months ahead.  Watch this space!


Helen said...

Wow that's excellent value for money, I'm sure it will keep a tiny baby warm and cosy. loving the pinks in your mystery project!

linda said...

The sleep sack is so sweet Una and will be very useful, I have put it on my to do list I must make some of these so thank you for the link. I can't wait to see your mystery project unfold. :) x

Mereknits said...

I think it is lovely you make these very need items for preemies. It helps keep them warm and that is essential for their survival. Hugs to you and good luck on your mystery project.

Una said...

It's a great pattern, Linda. I'm not sure whether I misread part of it, but my sleep sack doesn't have a garter ridge before the second button. It doesn't really matter though and I can see which row I need to change to achieve it next time.

marianna said...

Best wishes for 2015 Una. Hope it is a happy and healthy year for you and yours.
I love the tiny sleep sack - I am sure it will comfort a new mum whose tiny infant needs it. I will try to find time to make some too.

Lucy Bowen said...

Gosh I love that pink, can't wait to see the project. The sleeping sack is gorgeous and like you say, so hard to find.

Lisa said...

The sleep sack is adorable and I can't wait to see what your mystery project is. The colors are beautiful!

Amy at love made my home said...

Oh, I look forward to the mystery project! It sounds very exciting. I think that I would find it hard to make things so small, but I really do admire people like you who can and I am sure that they are so appreciated by those who receive and use them. You are a wonderful person! xx

M.K. said...

Eager to find out what it will be! Do we get to guess? :) And the baby sleeping sack is adorable. I really like it, and think how helpful it would be to a new mommy? Good for you :)

Una said...

All guesses welcome! I might do a fun post inviting more guesses, though I think it would be quite easy.