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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Cosy, just in time for winter...

It must be winter. The first snow of the season is on the ground outside my window and I am craving stodge and all things bad. But my halo isn't completely tarnished because I have done my bit for the planet. I turned these four cushion covers that had seen better days into a runner for the end of the bed.

These covers are at least 10 years old. The zips were playing up and the material was faded with the odd splatter of ink (Daughter) and paint (me). I still liked them and couldn't bring myself to throw them away when I bought some new covers. So...

I cut 8 equal size panels, sewed 2 strips of four panels and then sewed the strips together. I discovered the insides of the covers were still perfect and the material was as good as reversible. The well-worn outsides are now hidden forever inside this runner. The colour in the top photo is more true to life. It was taken on a sunny day. The finished item was photographed by artificial light today. What a difference a couple of weeks make.

Ignore the white material in the top photo. I was planning to use it as a lining, but I didn't feel it was needed. This material is thick and will make the perfect feet warmer on cold nights. I even feel warm just looking at the rich coral colour.

I can't claim to have made the lovely patchwork duvet cover. But I can appreciate it....probably even more because I could never imagine making something like this. I vaguely considered going the extra mile and quilting the bed runner, but reality and common sense prevailed. Time is marching on and I know my limits!

Eagle-eyed blog readers will notice that my iron did not come anywhere near the duvet cover or bed runner. I know these creases will drop out in a couple of days, so why waste electricity? That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

I have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me. So this is probably my last post of 2017. Once again I have really enjoyed the blog world and am sending

to all my lovely readers. See you all in 2018.


  1. And, if the crease doesn't leave, pretend it's from putting it over the quilt rack bar. Beautiful duvet cover. Happy holidays to you, too.

    1. I just had to Google quilt racks. I never knew they existed. Life is one long learning curve!

  2. Well done Una what a great idea, it looks lovely, creases what creases? life is too short for unnecessary tasks. have a great Christmas and New Year. :) xxx

  3. It turned out really nice! and looks lovely on the end of the bed. It is great that you could recycle the cushion covers and turn them into something else you would use.

  4. Happy Holidays Una. May you have the very best Christmas and New Year.

  5. Happy Christmas Una! Jo xxx

  6. Happy Christmas Una! Jo xxx

  7. Hi, Una! I agree with your power-saving efforts in non-ironing. Yay! The bed runner is lovely and clever - I'd never heard of a bed runner for warming your feet before. I don't know if people do that in the US. I fold a blanket at the foot of the bed during the day, but I remove it at night. Hmm. Interesting!


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