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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Entrelac baby blanket: progress report

The entrelac baby blanket I'm knitting is now more than half finished.  If I keep to the pattern there will be five repeats of each block of 4 colours.  I have nearly finished the third block.  I'm amazed that so much yarn is still unused.  I could make the blanket longer.  But I have already seen some baby hat patterns that appeal to me.  So any leftover wool will probably end up as hats.

This is the pattern I am following which I won on the recent Mack and Mabel giveaway.

It is a very clear pattern and is my first attempt at entrelac.  For crochet fans, I have found many crochet patterns for entrelac blankets.  Just Google "crochet entrelac" to find them.

I'm pressing on with this blanket whenever I have some free knitting time.  Today for example I have not yet picked up my needles, but intend to before nightfall!!!


  1. It is so very pretty! You are making great progress. If it was me I would still be trying to figure out how to do entrelac. :-)

  2. Looks very pretty and rather complicated it will be beautiful once it is completed.

    1. It is easier than it looks and I'm already planning another at some time in the future.


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