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Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Warm-At-Home shawl.....

This shawl is basically a large knitted triangle.  It measures a generous 64" from point to point and 29" down the back.  Here are the front and back views on an average size person:

It is a very simple shawl that involves a lot of mindless garter stitch knitting.  The end result is a shawl to keep someone warm indoors. If you prefer a delicate, lacy shawl to wear to a wedding, stop reading now!!

I made up the pattern as I went along.  I plan to knit it again.  So, for myself and anyone else who might like it, here it is:

  • Aran yarn or 2 thinner yarns held together to add up to 10 ply.
  • 5.5mm knitting needles.  My stitches fitted onto straight needles even at the widest point of the shawl.
  • Cast on 3 stitches.
  • Row 1: knit 3.
  • Row 2: slip 1 knitwise, knit through the front and back of the second stitch, knit to the end.
  • Row 3: slip 1 knitwise, knit to the end.
  • Repeat rows 2 and 3 until the shawl measures 32" across the top edge, ending on a row 3.
  • Row 4: slip 1 knitwise, knit to the end.
  • Row 5: slip 1 knitwise, knit to last 3 stitches, knit 2 together, knit 1.
  • Row 6: slip 1 knitwise, knit to the end.
  • Repeat rows 5 and 6 until there are only 4 stitches left.
  • Next row: slip 1 knitwise, knit 2 together, knit 1.
  • Next row: slip 1 knitwise, knit 2 together.
  • Next row: knit 2 together
  • Cut yarn, thread it through the last stitch and sew in the end securely.

Your choice of needle size will influence the amount of drape in this shawl.  I tried 4.5mm needles which produced a very dense fabric that was more like a rug!  I then tried 6mm needles but thought the stitches were a little too loose.  I eventually used 5.5mm needles which have produced a very warm shawl that will withstand daily use and regular washing.  But everyone knits to a different tension, so different needles will work for different people.

This pattern is a real yarn guzzler.  I used about 400g of oddments.  You could just use one colour if  preferred. If you are knitting in stripes, it might help to know that you will be knitting from the right hand corner to the left hand corner.  On my shawl I started with the green stripes and ended with the pink stripes.

As my shawl is garter stitch stripes and I always joined the new colours at the top edge, there is a definite right and wrong side.  But it might not be obvious to a non-knitter.  So I knitted 2 flowers and sewed them to the right side at the front points. These are also useful for weighing down the shawl to keep it in place.  You could add other decorations such as buttons, tassels or ribbons.  Or you could just leave the ends undecorated.

That's it.  When you sew in the yarn ends, your shawl is finished.  No blocking is required!  I found that commencing every row by slipping a stitch knitwise produced a firm edge that did not need any other additional edging.

This shawl has gone off to SIBOL from where the industrious Sue delivers shawls (and blankets) to care homes for the elderly.  Take a look at the SIBOL blog if you feel like knitting or crocheting a blanket or shawl.

Breaking news:  I uploaded this pattern to Ravelry here.  I'm chuffed to see that 14 people favorited or queued it within the first 2 hours.  Incidentally, most of these Ravellers live in countries such as Canada or Germany where the winters are cold.  I hope this shawl keeps them warm!


  1. Wow - simple and perfect for a novice knitter (like me)!

    That's a lovely jumper you're wearing under it too.... :)

    1. I'll look forward to seeing a photo if you knit it. As for the pink jumper...I can't claim to have knitted this. It came from Marks & Spencer!

  2. Fabulous - what a great idea!
    Amazing colour combinations - will keep someone warm and snug!
    Ali x

  3. This is a wonderful shawl to knit up easily. Very nice of you to share your pattern. I'm sure the recipient will be well warmed by this one! Wendy x

  4. It's lovely Una just the thing to wrap around your shoulders on a chilly evening. :)

  5. You made another great item my very generous friend. You are so right, garter stitch is a huge yarn eater.

  6. What a wonderful shawl! Thank you for sharing the pattern, Una!

  7. It is a very pretty shawl and I really like the flowers on the ends! xx

  8. Ooooo! Loving this! Another project for keeping occupied while watching TV! :-)

    1. I'd love to see a photo if you knit this!!

  9. That is very cute! The variegated yarn makes it so pretty -- lovely drape too.

  10. I enjoyed making my own variegated yarn by using the same pink throughout and adding various other yarns to it to make the stripes. It used up lots of oddments that I have been saving.


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