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Wednesday 29 October 2014

Wednesday WIP...

This is what I am knitting at the moment.  It is a top-down jumper for a 3 year old child.  I chose this pattern because it is seamless which I think is important in a thick jumper.  I am actually combining 2 yarns:

  • Pure Gold 4 ply yarn in light blue
  • Borgs S.N.2 garn in light brown

The light blue yarn was part of a bargain joblot and the light brown yarn was kindly donated to me by Joanne of the Cup On The Bus blog.  I checked the Borgs yarn on Ravelry and discovered that it is 5 ply which I am not used to knitting with.  There is also a very limited range of patterns for 5 ply yarns.  So, by combining it with the light blue, I have been able to select from a wider range of patterns.  

I can't recommend the pattern yet.  I have just finished the raglan increases and have started on the main body.  So far, I have discovered 2 minor errors and 1 major error in the pattern.  This is a free pattern that has been translated into English from another language.  It is very good of the author to give away her pattern on Ravelry and she must be unaware of the errors.  For example, according to the pattern, if I have 220 stitches and place 48 x 2 onto holders for the sleeves I should be left with 200 stitches for the main body.  I don't think so!!!  I am actually left with 124 stitches and these seem to be enough for a roomy jumper.

I took a look at the French and Spanish versions of the pattern and can see that the sentence that is incorrect in the English version does not appear in those versions. So I have left a comment about the major error on the pattern page.  If it is corrected by the time I finish the jumper, I will definitely recommend it.  Meanwhile, the fact that only 9 knitters have completed this pattern is probably explained by the errors.  That is a pity as it is otherwise a simple pattern.


  1. I remember when blue & brown together was a big fashion no-no. Personally, I love the combination (as well as pink & brown!). I'm sure the writer of the pattern will be happy to correct the errors that you pointed out. Hopefully, you won't run into any other snags :) Wendy x

    1. I think I will have enough of the light brown to knit another jumper. If so, I'm planning a pink and brown one! I like that combination and used to wear it a lot when I was a brunette.

  2. This is wonderful. My top down sweater pattern adds the neck finishing last,

  3. I love the colours together, and the way you get little sparkles and pools of each. I'd never heard that combining blue and brown was once a fashion faux pas. One of my sisters-in-law absolutely loved the combination and planned her wedding around it back in the late 70s. :)

  4. It looks pretty wonderful so far, good luck.

  5. I hope that you can work the kinks out and enjoy knitting it. xx

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product. I have a couple of nieces that I would like to do a sweater (jumper) for.

  7. You are good to notice the error, be able to figure it out (!!), research it in other languages, and then leave a helpful comment too. I've sometimes come across patterns with errors ... but I was never quite sure if the error was in the pattern, or if I was just a dunce :) I do love those two colors together!


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