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Monday, 25 May 2015

Very easy crochet edging...

I recently needed to add an edging to a shawl that I had crocheted.  I tried various edgings but they did not meet my criteria which were:

  • must be strong and preferably not too stretchy
  • must be fairly quick
  • must be added directly to the shawl i.e. no sewing involved
  • must be economical i.e. not use up too much yarn
  • must be easy

So, masquerading as an expert crocheter, I decided to invent my own edging stitch. I'm reasonably confident that I haven't accidentally stolen anyone else's idea as I haven't seen this stitch in books or on the Internet. 

So, this is a summary (in UK terms) of what I did:
  1. Use the same size hook and yarn weight as the item that you are edging
  2. Edge the item with double crochet stitches (UK)
  3. If working around an item such as a shawl or blanket, use a slip stitch to join the last and first double crochets
  4. Chain 2
  5. Slip stitch into next double crochet
Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you reach the last double crochet.  Slip stitch and cut yarn.

The green needle in the photo is pointing to where you slip stitch after chaining two.  It really is that easy and almost feels like cheating!

The corner of my shawl was slightly less than a right angle and I was able to get around it by simply chaining two and slip stitching once into each double crochet. There was no need to squeeze two stitches into one as is often necessary with some edgings.

The end result of this edging is a row of tiny points almost resembling a faux picot edging.  I was using dk yarn.  But this edging would also look very pretty on 4 ply baby items.

I'm thinking of adding this pattern to Ravelry.  But if anyone has prior claim to it and lets me know, then I will obviously not do that!


  1. A lovely way to edge the shawl! It is great to make up or work out things for yourself isn't it! xx

  2. Lovely edging .....thanks for sharing your idea.

  3. I love the edging you made for the shawl! Thanks for sharing!

  4. It;s a lovely simple edging Una. :) xx

  5. Simple edging you could add to anything, thank you.

  6. Very nice! An edge makes all the difference on many shawls. Good job coming up with your OWN stitch :) That's fun!


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