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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A pretty bonnet and bootees set...

Having previously knitted some very plain patterns from The Big Book of Baby Knitting* by Mary Healey, I felt the need to immerse myself in some pretty knitting. So I made this lovely bonnet and bootees set in 4ply yarn. 

I started with the bonnet and very soon had a love/hate relationship with the pattern.  It was an 8 rows repeat, only two of which were remotely tricky.  But I must have made every mistake possible, usually forgetting to pass a slip stitch over.  I even did this more than once on the same row at least twice!

I love the way the bonnet looks.  It is actually a simple pattern even though I managed to make very heavy weather of it.  I was really glad when it was finished but I continued with my original plan to make the bootees. They are mostly stocking stitch with just a couple of pattern repeats near the cuff.

When I added the ribbon to the bonnet, I cut little v shapes from the ends.  This was how my hair ribbons looked when I was a child.  I had completely forgotten that piece of useless information until I made this bonnet.

These should fit a baby aged about 3 months.  I have put them away for the next family baby.  That is two sets that I now have in reserve.  Amazingly, the hat used only 22g of yarn and the pair of bootess used only 13g.  I would knit this pattern again at some time in the future even though it gave me some problems!

* the term "baby knitting" make me think of someone knitting a baby.  I just can't get that image out of my head.  I tell a lie...another image has just taken over the silly slot. This time it is of a baby holding knitting needles and a ball of wool.  I think I need a lie-down.


  1. The bonnet, bootie set is beautiful. You do such nice work.
    Funny about the “baby knitting" image stuck in your head. But now it’s stuck in mine. :) In my image the baby is wearing your bonnet and booties. :)

  2. Una, I've had the same images in my head!! hahaha
    Love this little bonnet! ~Terri

  3. It's such a pretty little pattern.

  4. It's a very pretty pattern and you have done a lovely job, Una. Isn't it odd how certain patterns just won't click in the brain whereas others don't give us a moment's trouble?

  5. It's a beautiful set Una and worth all the anguish. I always make mistakes when there are pattern repeats especially on lace designs my poor brain just can't grasp it anymore. :) xx

  6. You are certainly thinking ahead.....the bonnet and bootees are just beautiful

  7. Beautiful, of course I now have the same images!

  8. They are very beautiful Una.

  9. I love your humor, Una. You also inspired me to not be afraid to knit or crochet some things I want to make, but don't presently have a purpose for.

  10. These are lovely. I like knitting baby things but I don't have a baby to knit for. Maybe I should start a baby box for if and when I ever have a grandchild.

  11. Hi Una,
    I have had fights with some patterns over the years and some
    of the worst struggles have been with very simple patterns!! lol I stick with them though, they're not going to get the better of me. I do a lot of baby knitting and as much as I adore bonnets, I don't knit them as everyone seems to prefer the beanies now. The booties and bonnet will be a cute gift for a special baby
    Cheers, Anita.

    1. I agree about bonnets. I will be very careful about who I give it to. I knitted something similar years ago and the mother used it as the Christening outfit.

  12. Haha -- both your mental images are fun :) Thanks for the giggle. That's a truly lovely set, and some little baby yet unborn will look her very best in them. Lucky little one!


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