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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas knitting.....

I like to knit colourful things at Christmas and anything complicated is a no-no while there are so many distractions.  So I found a pattern for a baby kimono-style cardigan which interested me.  Here it is.  It used up only about 75g of yarn for the biggest size which should fit a 16" chest.  A great use for such a small amount of yarn.  The yarn is King Cole Comfort Prints because I had some left over and I really love the colours.  I was also able to use 2 pretty buttons from my big collection!

I found the pattern on Ravelry here.  It is basically knitted in one piece.  There is some seaming to do on the arms and sides, but it doesn't take long.  Some knitters on Ravelry comment that the neck is too small.  But the garter stitch edge is very stretchy and, from distant memory, it seems large enough for a baby's neck.

This is a lovely warm top as the front is 2 layers crossed over each other.  If the top is for a boy, all you do is cross them over in the opposite direction.  This works because the button holes are on both front pieces.  The holes on the "invisible" side are used for a ribbon tie inside the top.

I recommend this pattern to anyone who wants to try something a bit different.



  1. It's lovely Una, I love the effect of the self patterning yarn :)

    1. Thanks. I like the way the stripes are different widths on different parts of the top. It was pure luck that each sleeve has a pink band near the cuff.

  2. I think that is such a pretty pattern. I love the self patterning yarn too. It really adds a little bit of magic

  3. Oh Una this is just lovely, so perfect for a little one - only wish we had some that size in our family as I love knitting for babes. So glad that I found your blog this year Una, you write some wonderful posts, thanks so much
    Big Happy New Year Hugs

  4. That's a lovely baby jumper. Thank you for the Ravelry link too :-)

  5. What a cheerful baby sweater! Perfect for this dark time of the year!

  6. What a pretty baby knit, just perfect for Christmas knitting.

  7. There's another one on my to-do list! It's lovely!

  8. So colorful!

    I have a grandbaby due in July ... I think I'll grab this pattern and get busy on it - this would be perfect for chilly evenings :-)

    Thanks for posting.


  9. What I like about this pattern is that it is a bit different from the usual cardigan patterns and you can't usually buy this type of top in baby shops either. It is easy to knit but looks really special. It would even be special in plain white.


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