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Sunday, 30 March 2014

I just couldn't resist....

I've been itching to start a crochet blanket for some time.  I have quite a lot a Aran wool which came to me from a generous donor.  It is 100% wool and perfect for making into a child's blanket for countries where night time temperatures are low and where washing, if it happens, will be by hand rather than machine.

The wool I am going to use for the blanket is cream, grey and black.  The photos shows a sample of each colour.  Cream will probably get grubby quite quickly, but I have to use if for something and I decided that keeping a child warm was more important than worrying about a bit of dirt.  This colour combination is not an obvious choice.  But I found a link to the wonderful Random Stripe Generator.  I played around with it for a while until it produced a stripe pattern that I really like.  This useful tool produces a chart showing the number of rows for each colour and I can cross them off on the chart as I make progress.

I cast on yesterday.  I have shelved the idea of a large granny square in favour of a more closely-woven blanket.  I am simply just crocheting rows of half trebles(UK). This will be a mindless project, but that is the intention.  I am just going to pick it up occasionally and crochet a row or two.  There is no rush to finish it and that is good because I really enjoyed the couple of rows I crocheted yesterday.

The red and brown yarn in the photo are bargains I found at a boot fair this morning.  I was very restrained.  The lady had a large sack of wool and knitting patterns for sale at 50p per item..  My Hubby, who has surprised me by taking an interest in wool, asked how much she wanted for the whole lot.  The price was £5.  This was even more of a bargain, but I could see that I would never use some of the wool and I didn't really want the patterns.  So I just bought what I know I will use.  The brown yarn will make one or two hats and there is plenty of the red yarn for a child's jumper; total cost £1.

This has been a good day so far....peaceful and productive.  Long may it last...


  1. Sometimes it's nice to be forced into colour choices & patterns ... gives a bit of challenge. The blanket's going to be very sharp looking in these colours. Enjoy! Wendy x

  2. The stripe generator is fun, thanks for the link. What a bargain with your boot fair yarn, enjoy your mindless crochet project dear Una x

  3. I think it will be truly loved . Well done you. X

  4. Lovely Una what a bargain and I can't wait to see what wonderful creations you come up with. I hope you have a fabulous week ahead. Sending you lots of loves and hugs

  5. You will enjoy making it Una it is lovely to have an easy project going on and I think this colour combination will look good. :)

  6. How lucky of you! Have fun creating... can't wait to see the finished product.

    Have a swell Week Una. And thank you for stopping by my place the other day.



  7. You did have a good day, and I admire your restraint in yarn purchasing -- after a while, you really don't want the extra yarn sitting around if you don't have a plan for it. I LOVE that random stripe generation site -- wow! That will be helpful.


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