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Friday, 4 July 2014

Buttons galore...

Look what arrived in the post this week!  I love buttons.  I remove them from any clothing that is so past it that it has to be put into the recycling bin.  I very occasionally buy new buttons and I have a small collection of antique buttons.  So this parcel from Joanne of the Cup On The Bus blog was a lovely surprise.  

Amazingly, I didn't have any wooden buttons.  Now I have several hundred in 2 different sizes.  I should have taken a sideways view photograph as there really is a small mountain of buttons here.  

These coordinate very well with the yarn Joanne sent me a few months ago and they are the same good quality.  They will look great on the children's cardigans I am planning to knit soon.  Some measure 2cms in diameter and some measure approximately 1.5cms in diameter.  So they will suit a wide range of sizes.

Joanne has kindly given me permission to share these goodies.  If any bloggers in the UK can use some of these, just contact me.  Sorry about limiting the offer to the UK, but postage rates here are really extortionate!

Thank you, Joanne.


  1. You're welcome! How unexpected to see my button jars tumbled out on your fabric. They are the remnants of our old weaving business, and need a good home. I hope you find a use for that one magic button.

    1. The magic button is really pretty, so I will look for a project that needs only one button....maybe a small baby shrug.

  2. You can never have too any buttons Una and the good thing about wooden ones is they will go with most things. :)

  3. How nice of that blogger to send you the buttons, and how kind of you to offer them to your readers. If I lived in the UK I would definitely take you up on the offer. I'm like you. I love buttons!

  4. Yikes, I have so, so many buttons. Just like yarn I have a thing for buttons. I pick them up in bulk at estate sales and auctions. Now, though, the amount I have accumulated has become unmanageable.
    I don’t know what to do with them all.

  5. hi, came to visit your blog from random wooliness. Have enjoyed reading your blog and about operation orphan


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