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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Let it snow; here's one I prepared earlier...

So we are promised a "significant snow event" on Monday.  Yippee!  Just what I've been waiting for.  I found a bag of gorgeous wool in a charity shop way back when the weather was still warm.  It's called "Christabel" by Richard Poppleton and is a mixture of acrylic, polyester and real wool.  The colour is a classy dark grey interspersed with little shiny flecks of gold, blue and pink.  It's the prettiest wool I have seen for a long time and I just had to have it.

I decided that I really needed to knit myself a hat.  I am not a hat person and have never found one in the shops that looked remotely good on my head.  Beanies look too small and slouchy hats look too big.  I decided to look for something in between.   I then found a pattern called Family Watch Cap which looked promising.

I made a start.

I can recommend this pattern as it is well written and easy to knit if you are happy with circular needles

The pattern is written in 6 sizes to fit from 6 months old to an adult male.  I chose the adult female size and used slightly bigger needles because I wanted to be able to tuck all my hair inside and pull it down over my ears.  The very long brim is a design feature of the pattern as it is meant to be folded back over most of the hat, thus making a dual layer for extra warmth.

My hat took about 130g of yarn and I had enough left over for a matching scarf.  The total cost was about £2.  I think the sparkly wool definitely turns a unisex pattern into a feminine one.  So far, I have only tried it on at home. My family usually like what I knit but sadly couldn't think of anything good to say about my new hat.  They are forgiven because we are not hat lovers and only wear them if really necessary.  But the snow is coming and I'm ready.  Who'll be laughing then?  The mad hatter.


  1. I like your hat Una, it looks cosy and warm but why are you not facing the camera... I know so that we can get a good look at the hat but we need a front view too! xx

  2. Oops, sorry about that. I'd hate to spoil my blog with my ugly mug!!

  3. Hi Una - I am a new follower via 2 bags full. I am just relearning to knit (after chemo - for physio) so it is lovely to find a knitter in London. Visit my blog and join my giveaway. x

  4. The hat looks great. I'd say, it's definitely a nice compromise between a beanie and a slouch hat.


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