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Sunday 6 January 2013

Thinking positively: I like the colour.....

This is the jumper I'm knitting for Daughter at the moment.  It looks like a simple rib pattern but is actually much more complicated than that.  I don't think I will post a link to the pattern because I can't really recommend it.  It is hard to describe why, but there is ample scope for making all sorts of mistakes with this pattern and I have made them all.  I've lost count of the number of rows I have had to rip back and knit again.

The photo shows the back.  I have already finished the front and I've reached the stage of having to compare them both very carefully to make sure they are the same length.  I think I'm ready to cast off the back.  But it's late and I'm tired.  Sometimes it really is better to put off something until tomorrow.

The front is a v-neck design.  As the pattern is so tricky, I decided to decrease both sides of the neckline at the same time.  This involved juggling 2 massive balls of Aran wool, but was definitely the right decision as it was the only way I could be sure I was decreasing on the same rows either side of the "v".  I was delighted when that particular torture was over.

Hopefully I will be ready to start the sleeves tomorrow.  I am still toying with the idea of knitting both sleeves at the same time.  This will again require me to juggle 2 balls of Aran wool.  This is definitely not a portable knitting project I could do "on the move".

I have everything crossed that this jumper fits Daughter when it is finished.  She chose the colour and loves the way the patten is turning out.  I love the colour and am knitting furiously to finish it as soon as possible.  Another couple of weeks should see it out of my knitting bag and on my daughter.  Oh happy day.


  1. I like the color. I hope your sleeves go quickly. I have skeins for a sweater for my daughter that have been sitting in the bag for several months, and I keep looking at it and thinking I should start it. I enjoyed reading you blog.

  2. I like the color too. It's always such a disappointment when a pattern has loads of errors and creates problems during the process of knitting. I hope that this comes together as you had originally hoped. I'm sure it will be beautiful.

  3. It is a gorgeous colour - red is very lucky. :) I'm sure it will be worth the effort. Tbh, I think I'd have totally frogged it by now so I admire your perseverance! ;) Thanks for your recent visit to my own blog. x

  4. Hi Una - Your beautiful blog is just now added to the Grow Your Blog party -- I look forward to your special post on the 19th -latest updates are on my blog. See you then -- I hope you make lots of new friends!



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